A Clarkston man was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for burglary and unlawful imprisonment in Asotin County Superior Court on Thursday afternoon.

Todd M. Stanger, 29, will be given credit for the time he has already served since his arrest in September 2018.

Stanger was convicted on burglary and unlawful imprisonment by a jury last month. The jury acquitted him on charges of rape and assault in the trial.

“Todd Stanger needs to be held accountable for his deplorable actions,” Asotin County Victim Witness Coordinator Holly Tietz said while reading from the victim’s statement prepared for Thursday’s sentencing. “I will always be looking over my shoulder, and wondering how safe I am, no matter who I am around. ... He stole a part of me that I will never get back, and I will not heal overnight from this, if ever.”

Judge George Fearing also imposed 18 months of probation after Stanger is released from prison. Fearing ordered domestic violence and alcohol treatment and signed a lifetime domestic violence protection order.

Fearing assessed about $1,600 in fines and fees for Stanger to pay and sentenced him to 17 months in prison for the unlawful imprisonment conviction to run concurrently with the burglary sentence.

The sentencing range for burglary is 57 to 75 months in prison and the range for unlawful imprisonment is 17 to 22 months in prison.

Stanger apologized to the victim in court Thursday afternoon and admitted he had issues with alcohol. Stanger’s parents and friends described Stanger’s relationship with the victim as “gasoline and fire,” which Fearing noted while announcing the sentence.

Asotin County Deputy Prosecutor Curt Liedkie pointed out that the crime had been committed 54 days after Stanger had been convicted of residential burglary at the same residence where Stanger had kicked the same door in to gain entry in April 2018.

“This is part and parcel of the ongoing domestic violence in this relationship,” Liedkie said.

Stanger “kicked down the door and tormented the victim for the entirety of the night,” Liedkie wrote in a sentencing memorandum. “He terrorized her for hours. The victim testified that the defendant would slap her face to prevent her from falling asleep and demanded that they continue to ‘talk’ about their relationship until she agreed to be his girlfriend.”

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