Civil judgment goes against convicted killer

Patrick J. Nuxoll

Two brothers have successfully sued the man convicted of stabbing and slashing their brother to death in Lewiston in 2015.

Ronald H. Cramer and Glenn Cramer each won default judgments against convicted murderer Patrick J. Nuxoll, four years to the day of filing a wrongful death/personal injury suit in the amount of $350,000 each, plus costs of $271 and $261 respectively, court documents said.

The final judgments were entered by 2nd District Judge Jeff Brudie last month.

The brothers sued Nuxoll in October 2015, seeking monetary damages from the then-accused murderer of their brother, David W. Cramer, who was found stabbed to death in Nuxoll’s home on Linden Avenue in May 2015. The civil lawsuit was put on hold while the criminal case was tried.

The lawsuit blamed Cramer’s death on Nuxoll. Cramer’s death was directly caused by the “intentional harm and malicious actions of the defendant,” by “repeatedly stabbing (the victim) with a large knife.”

The lawsuit sought damages for wrongful death that included “financial loss, loss of society, loss of companionship, loss of comfort and funeral expenses.”

Nuxoll was convicted of the murder on Oct. 31, 2018, by a jury in Latah County 2nd District Court. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole March 8. Nuxoll appealed his sentence in April to the Idaho Court of Appeals.

Court records say Nuxoll and Cramer had spent the night drinking at Nuxoll’s home in May 2015. Cramer’s body was found by police May 21, 2015, in a living room chair after Nuxoll reported Cramer’s death to police at 2:30 a.m. Cramer’s body had sustained more than 200 distinct injuries.

Nuxoll’s criminal attorney, Rick Cuddihy, unsuccessfully attempted to cast blame for Cramer’s death on his brother, Ronald Cramer, at the criminal trial. The tactic did not work, as the jury deliberated for four hours before issuing its verdict of guilty against Nuxoll.

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