Avista’s Idaho rates will fall a little this autumn if the utility wins approval for a proposal it has submitted to regulators.

The utility is asking the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to allow it to decrease electricity revenue by $3 million, or 1.2 percent, on Oct. 1 and drop natural gas revenue by $700,000, or 1.1 percent, on Nov. 1.

The utility filed with the commission partly because what it received in rates last year exceeded what the commission set as Avista’s allowed revenue per customer.

Avista experienced “a higher level of customer usage in 2019 due in part to a colder than normal winter,” according to a news release issued by Avista on Tuesday.

How much savings Avista’s customers would see varies on a number of factors, such as how much electricity or natural gas they need and what category of customer they are.

Under Avista’s plan, the bill of an average electrical residential user consuming 898 kilowatt hours per month would decline from $85.30 to $84.13 per month.

The bill of an average natural gas residential user consuming 64 therms per month would shrink from $50.98 to $50.18 per month.

The change for natural gas reflects two requests from Avista. One is for a reduction of $1.1 million in revenue because of its higher income in 2019.

The second is for an increase of $400,000 in revenue because of wholesale natural gas costing slightly more than forecast. Together they would equal a net revenue decrease of $700,000 for Avista.

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