The emotions and memories from that tragic day remain just below the surface.

It was the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, and terrorists, piloting hijacked passenger airliners, pulled off a series of coordinated attacks that led to the death of thousands on U.S. soil. It also started 20 years of military action that only recently concluded with President Joe Biden withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

In the following pages, the Lewiston Tribune and Moscow-Pullman Daily News have pieced together a series of stories that include eyewitness accounts provided by locals who were in New York and Washington, D.C., on 9/11, how some have chosen to commemorate the annual anniversary, views and recollections from veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the personal memories and emotions shared by first responders and readers of the Tribune and Daily News.

We also have included articles from the archives of the two publications that provide a glimpse at how things were in the days that followed the attacks.

This special section, titled Forever Remember, hopefully in some small way fulfills a pledge made by many that horrific day now two decades ago: “We will never forget.”

Craig Clohessy

Managing editor

Lewiston Tribune