For the second time in two weeks, a Clarkston woman hit it big on an Idaho lottery scratch ticket.

Candice Hare added $50,000 to her winnings on the scratch game, Blackjack Big Bingo, purchased at the Southway Avenue Nom Nom convenience store in Lewiston. Previously, Hare won $200,000 on a lottery ticket she bought at the same store.

“I was hanging out with some friends, and I got a bunch of tickets to play on Wednesday night,” Hare said in a news release issued Monday from the Idaho Lottery in Boise. “I scratched the bar codes and was just checking to see if they won. Then I got one that said I needed to sign it and to claim it at the lottery.”

Hare said she decided to play the game out and see how much she actually won, and was shocked to see the results.

“I had all the numbers on one line and the prize was $50,000,” she said. “Nuh-uh, no way. I couldn’t believe it happened again! People all over town are already asking to rub me for luck.”

In the news release, Hare said she was planning to have a shopping spree at the Boise Towne Square, and wants to invest the remaining winnings. She also plans to continue playing the lottery and trying her luck.

“I want to come back to Boise with a $300,000 winner next,” she said.

The Southway Nom Nom in Lewiston will receive a bonus of $5,000 from the Idaho Lottery for selling the winning ticket. The store previously was awarded $20,000 on Hare’s earlier success.