WASHINGTON Angry independent drivers are calling for a nationwide truckers strike next month to protest rapidly rising diesel fuel prices.

Large trucking organizations and companies, as well as the Teamsters union, oppose an interruption of truck traffic, but fliers have been circulating at truck stops across the country urging drivers to park their rigs on Nov. 11.

Some truckers have opened a network of toll-free telephone numbers to coordinate the planned protest against fuel rises of up to 40 cents a gallon.

''Anybody in trucking right now has heard about this. These fliers have been showing up everywhere,'' Todd Spencer, executive director of Owner-Operators Independent Drivers, a group that represents 20,000 truck operators, said Monday.

While not directly involved in the protest effort, Spencer said his Missouri-based group was ''trying to stay on top of the situation'' to advise members.

It's unclear how many of the nation's estimated 4.5 million truck drivers including as many as 500,000 independent owner-operators might participate.

Spokesmen for the American Trucking Associations, which represents major trucking companies, and the Teamsters, which represents about 100,000 long-haul drivers, said they expect few if any employee drivers to take part.