I live on the second floor of Evergreen Estates, a retirement and longterm care facility.

I have been here exactly a year, having decided that my condo was becoming more than I could care for.

My apartment is just right and being surrounded with my own furniture and pictures, I feel quite at home. It isn’t home, but I am determined to be happy whereever I find myself living.

A sign on one door said, “So it isn’t home sweet home, get over it!!”

We all ate in the din-ing room when I first arrived. Now, with the coronavirus problem, we stay in our rooms, and our meals are brought to us by caring waiters, who remember our choices and give us a cheerful moment when our trays are delivered. They wear masks, and we are to have on masks if we talk to them.

I am a slow riser, and I am sometimes just barely out of bed when my breakfast arrives! A cheerful voice calls, “Kitchen,” and I slip into my robe and hurry out for my first cup of hot coffee and some fruit or dry cereal. Later a tray arrives with an egg and ham scramble, or a breakfast bake and more fruit.

Thus starts the day here at Evergreen. I will share more of my adventures next month.

Bosserman, 92, lives at Evergreen Estates in Clarkston, where she has been in quarantine since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in March. She has agreed to share monthly glimpses of life from her apartment complex with Golden Times readers.