This story was published in the Feb. 23, 1975, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (AP) — Don’t be surprised if your waist size goes from 32 to 80 in the near future.

That’s 32 inches to 80 centimeters,

Burton B. Ruby, president of Jaymar-Ruby here, says the manufacturer of men’s slacks will begin incorporating the metric system in its entire line next fall.

Ruby quickly adds that the inch measurement will continue to be used also. The company will provide double markings on size tickets.

“It’s not really a question of if the United States will adopt the metric system. It’s only a question of when,” Ruby asserts.

The company has already provided its retailers with tape measures which have inches on one side and centimeters on the other, to enable the sales person to measure a customer both ways.

Ruby admits that a complete changeover to the exclusive use of the metric system is unlikely in the near future.

“But we’re helping to educate people in the use of metrics by offering it now."