Warm weather is ripening the peaches in the Clarkston valley rapidly, several choice canning varieties being already in their prime. The peak of the harvest of Tuscan, early Crawfords and early Elbertas will be reached by the first of next week.

These varieties are highly colored and of a fine quality. The J. H. Hales, late Crawfords and muirs will be ripe within a week or ten days, depending on the weather.

Large orchards of Tuscans were planted under contract with the Oregon Packing Co., known as the Del Monte varieties. Due to the removal of the plant from the valley, these are being sold to local trade. They are selling at from one and one-half to two cents a pound in the orchard, orchard run.

At Peak of Production.

A majority of the Tuscan trees are about nine years old and are in their prime. These are said to average about 200 pounds of fruit to the tree. May Kuntz, upper Asotin road, has the largest orchard of Tuscans, there being about 15 acres in full bearing. Other extensive growers are L. L. Anderson, John Ingram, John Brown, W. J. Hawthorne, A. P. Nelson, Ben Nelson, of upper Asotin road, and Bert Wahl, Clarkston Heights.

This story was published in the Aug. 26, 1932, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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