Thomas Kirby, superintendent of the Nezperce Fair association, was a visitor in the city yesterday. Mr. Kirby states that a large attendance and complete exhibits are already assured and that with good weather during the week the Nezperce fair will be a grand success.

“Our buildings are now being completed,” said Mr. Kirby, “and are substantial structures. Our success now depends entirely upon the weather and we are hopeful that this will be favorable. The race track will be one of the fastest in the inland empire and is being put in the best of condition. The fair has aroused an interest in all parts of the upper country and a large and comprehensive exhibit is assured. The livestock and poultry exhibit will be a feature and will represent the stock and fowl of the upper country. The attendance will be very large as people in all parts of the inland empire will take this opportunity to see the resources of the rich Clearwater valley.

“We are assured of good-racing and already many horsemen have engaged stalls at the track. On account of our fair being the last held in the west many horsemen who are making the circuit are arranging to close the season with us. Our committee has secured a subscription aggregating nearly $3300 and liberal purses have been offered.

“The association is now contracting for special features and we are assured of the best attractions of this character that will be found on the western circuit. As is the case with the horsemen the attraction people are desirous of making as many fairs as possible and on account of our fair closing the season we have a large number of choice attractions from which to make our selections.

“The horticultural and agricultural exhibits will be the best ever seen in the inland empire. We have devoted the entire season in making our collection and have had the support of all. The fact that the fair is new has added enthusiasm to the work and farmers and fruit men have assisted in collecting the specimens that will make our exhibit. The year has been particularly favorable for the collection of choice specimens of agricultural and horticultural products and we believe that we have succeeded in getting the most perfect exhibit that has ever been collected in the inland empire.

“Every committee is now working diligently to make the fair a success and favorable reports are coming in from every quarter. Every department is working in harmony and as we have said, with favorable weather the Nezperce fair will be a grand success.”

This story was published in the Sept. 2, 1904, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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