This story was published in the Feb. 23, 1975, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


CHICAGO (AP) — Former Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski said Saturday that Richard Nixon should do some soul searching and issue a statement to the American people on the Watergate scandal.

“I would hope that former President Nixon would do the same soul searching that every individual should make when he’s had experiences as tragic as were his,” Jaworski said at a news conference.

”I would hope this soul searching would bring forth a statement.

One newsman asked specifically if Jaworski thought Nixon should confess. Jaworski replied:

“He ought to say what’s in his heart: he ought to say, above all things, the truth.”

Jaworski also said he feels the chances are small that Nixon’s former top aides who were sentenced Friday to prison will serve their full prison terms.

“In all likelihood, they will have an opportunity to leave prison ... sooner than the period of time indicated,” he said.

H.R. Haldeman, John Mitchell and John Erlichman were sentenced to serve 2½ to 8 years in prison by Judge John L. Sirica of U.S. District Court. Robert Mardian was sentenced to 10 months to 3 years.

Jaworski called two lawyers who pleaded to Watergate matters “tragic figures” who have paid their debt to society.