A busy round of pre-registration activities for about 115 new students at Lewis-Clark Normal School will continue today with students scheduled to start a series of entrance tests. The tests will continue until noon tomorrow.

The prospective enrollees, who started arriving Sunday from many out-of-town points, were given guided tours of the campus yesterday afternoon, They were split into small groups and accompanied by students returning from last year to the different buildings on the campus.

The tour was followed by a welcoming assembly at which Phyllis Adams, student body secretary, and Dr. Cleon Caldwell, dean of the school, both gave talks. Miss Adams spoke for the returning students and briefly, outlined student government. Dean Caldwell reminded the students they were entering college and that all were expected to apply themselves. However, he added there was opportunity for extra-curricular activities that could provide fun and relaxation.

Individual sessions with faculty advisers followed the assembly. The new students and the advisers met to work out class schedules and plan courses to be taken.

Last night, a recreation program at the Student Union building capped the day’s activities.

While the new students are taking the entrance tests today and tomorrow, returning students will be given the opportunity to meet with their advisers for course planning prior to the start of registration Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m. Sophomores only will be allowed to register Thursday morning to give them the opportunity to sign for classes needed for graduation. School officials expect a number of classes to overflow and for that reason those who will graduate this year are getting first chance.

Registration for other students, new and old, will start at 1 p.m. Thursday and continue until 4 p.m. Friday. Registration will be handled in the Administration Building.

Registration week ends with a dance Saturday night.

Among the old students who were returned early to help in the new student activities are Miss Adams, Ann Barker, Betty Brown, Lois Daily, Lynn Garlinghouse, Diana Hall, Lyla Hayes, Peggy Moore, Anita Wolf and Ken Brinkerhoff.

This story was published in the Sept. 16, 1958, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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