This story was published in the Feb. 10, 1966, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


DETROIT (AP) — A major move in the auto safety field came Wednesday with an announcement that General Motors Corp. and American Motors Corp. will make collapsible steering columns standard equipment on all 1967 passenger cars.

In addition, GM will make dual brakes a standard fixture. Dual brake systems have been standard on all AMC cars since 1962.

The two automakers gave no indication whether the cost of the items would be reflected in increased price tags on their cars.

The collapsible steering columns and dual brakes have been widely discussed at various safety hearings in recent months.

Ford Motor Co’s comment on the GM and AMC statements was: “We will not let anyone get ahead of us in the field of auto safety.”

Chrysler Corp. pointed out it announced last September that it was giving consideration to putting collapsible steering columns in its 1967 cars.

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