Chicago, Nov. 3. — (AP) — The famous jewelry of the late Edith Rockefeller McCormick, notably necklaces and pendants that once were part of the Russian crown jewels, formed the principal part of personal property worth $1,032,348 in the inventory of her estate.

The inventory was made public today by the Chicago Title & Trust Co.

The value of the individual gems was not estimated, but the platinum pendant once worn by the late empress of Chicago society, contained 1,657 diamonds and nine large emeralds; one weighing 119 karats.

One Pearl Necklace.

Another item was a pearl necklace containing 23 perils, one cushion diamond and two round cut diamonds. There were two flexible bars of diamonds each holding 100 round and 12 square cut diamonds. A platinum breast plate contained 1,801 diamonds and a tiara with 673 diamonds.

There were 1,948 diamonds in the famous jewel diadem and in another platinum gold necklace were 771 diamonds and five emeralds.

The real property of Mrs. McCormick was listed as the 34-room mansion at 1000 Lake Shore drive, her villa Turicum estate at Lake Forest and 52,320 shares in the Edith Rockefeller McCormick trust, of which she was co-trustee with Edwin Krenn and Edward A. Dato, partners in a real estate development company she backed.

This story was published in the Nov. 4, 1932, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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