This story was published in the Sept. 30, 1916, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


Nezperce, Sept. 20. — (Special to the Tribune) — Nezperce went on record today in an emphatic way in favor of the construction of the north and south state highway and a large delegation will go to Lewiston to attend the meeting to be held there October 12 by the North and South state Highway association, when further plans are to be decided upon to promote the construction of this important highway, so fraught with influences for state development.

The expression of Nezperce and Lewis county today on the subject took place at a meeting of business men, with a banquet as a feature. Among those speaking on the subject were P. W. Mitchell, S. O. Tannahill, C. W. Felt, L. N. Swift and Judge Steele of the district court. The speakers all urged the importance of the highway and the necessity of Lewis county joining in the movement to the end that state and federal cooperation may be gained in the construction of that portion of the highway which will traverse Lewis county. Judge Steele in his remarks referring to the wonderful development that has occurred in this country, he recalling the period when he had driven through this section when Nezperce comprised but a half dozen houses. He spoke of good roads as a development factor that should not be slighted. Practically every person at the meeting signified his purpose of attending the Lewiston meeting and thus directly cooperating with the North and South State Highway association. Grover Pennell is the Lewis county vice president of the association. The survey for the state highway through Idaho county to the Lewis County line is being made and it is the purpose to have the Lewis county people make a definite move so that there will be no delay in handling the situation as it applies to this county.

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