This story was published in the Oct. 19, 1904, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


Orofino, Oct. 18 — (Special to the Tribune.) — The largest and most enthusiastic meeting of the campaign was held here last night. The meeting was presided over by P. H. Blake, who introduced Hon. Karl Paine to a very attentive and appreciative audience. Mr. Paine’s remarks were listened to with much interest by the large assemblage, and his arguments for the democratic ticket were received with outbursts of applause and enthusiasm.

Mr. Paine introduced his speech by assailing the position of the republicans have taken on the two mile limit law. Two years ago the republican platform pledged the legislature to enact such additional legislation as might be necessary to render the law effective. This year the platform is silent as to any promise to enact additional legislation, notwithstanding the fact that the law was virtually nullified in the case of Phipps et al vs. Grover, decided by our supreme court on January 7, 1904. Mr. Gooding promised to veto any bill the purpose of which is to repeal the law will be kept for the reason that the law as interpreted by the supreme court is very satisfactory to the sheep men. The democratic party promises to restore to the settler the protection of which they were deprived.