The local mediation board of the NRA, which has been functioning in the organization and the putting into operation of the national recovery program, has been reorganized in accordance with the plan outlined by the national recovery administration, and in the future will be known as the NRA compliance board.

Its personnel and the different vocations which they represent are as follows: H. E. Baker, employers in industry; P. B. Blake, employees in industry; E. C. Dick, retail employer; Felix Funke, employees; the Rev. Dr. E. F. Harold, consumers; E. S. Cook, Jr., member at large; Marcus Ware, member for the bar; Mrs. Fred C. Erb, secretary, women’s organizations, and Joel Jenifer, chairman.

Places Not Sought.

“Not a single member of the board sought a place on it, and all would be glad to be relieved of the responsibility thrust upon them,” said, a spokesman yesterday. “They fully realize that service on it means a considerable sacrifice of thru and energy an their part and may at times subject them to considerable criticism, since not all people can see alike on scarcely any question, and especially so in a line of procedure so radically different from any that has obtained in the past.

“However, they feel that it is a work that some one in the community must undertake and that it is a patriotic duly that no one should decline when called upon to take part in a movement initiated by our national government and of such national importance to every one. The term of the members of the committee is to be for 45 days.”

Try For Compliance.

The duties of the board as laid down by the national recovery administration shall be education, conciliation mediation in the handling of matters of compliance with the president’s reemployment agreement. In case of complaints, the board is to contact the parties complained against, and ascertain their conception of the facts. If the complaint is groundless, the party complained against is thereby relieved of responsibility; if there is a basis for fact in the committee is to use its best efforts to have the cause of it eliminated. It is realized that most failures to comply are due to misunderstandings, and every possible means is to be used to obtain voluntary compliance.

Where there is a just cause of complaint and compliance cannot be secured by the compliance board after a reasonable effort, a report of the case is to be forwarded to Washington with a recommendation that the blue eagle be removed by federal authority.

Confidence Be Guaranteed.

“Complaints made to any member of the board will be held in strict confidence, whether they come from employees, employers or competitors,” Jenifer said yesterday.

“However, people having matters to lay before the board should come to some member of it or before the full board and not expect the individual members of the board to come to them. The members of the board are donating their services and all have their own private affairs to look after. It Is so easy to telephone a member of the board, asking him to call to talk over a matter, and overlook the fact that likely many others are doing the same thing. Requests for a hearing may be left with the secretary, Mrs. Fred Erb, at the chamber of commerce rooms.

“The fact that a person may be asked to appear before the board is not to be taken as inferring that any complaint has been lodged against that person. The board often desires to talk over procedure in the different lines of business with representative persons who are engaged in that business. Neither is it to be inferred from the fact that a complaint has been lodged against any one that the board has any preconceived opinions in the matter. It will endeavor to maintain an absolutely fair and impartial attitude in all matters coming to its notice and all parties concerned will be given an opportunity to be heard. Whatever action is taken by the board will be the action of the majority of its members and not the action of its individual members, and the board as constituted is practically representative of all interests.

All Can Cooperate.

“It has been stressed a number of times by the district representative of this district at Portland that local codes are of no effect until approved by the national recovery administration at Washington. Hearings are being had on codes at Washington every day. A number have been passed upon, but many more are still to be considered.

“However, the way is open for every one to take part in the NRA movement, whether or not the code of his particular occupation has been approved. Any one who signs up and operates under the president’s reemployment agreement will have very little trouble in adjusting to his particular code when it is finally approved. The plan of the national recovery administration is one of cooperation and not coercion.”

This story was published in the Sept. 23, 1933, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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