COTTONWOOD — Brig. Gen. Charles Bond, commander of the U.S. Air Force’s 25th Air Division, Tuesday will inspect radar installation equipment and the site of the 822nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron facilities at Cottonwood Butte near here.

A 20-member crew from the Air Force depot at Ogden, Utah, has been installing technical equipment. Maj. Frank S. Palmer, commanding officer of squadron, Monday said the installation project is more than one-half completed.

General Bond will be accompanied by Col. Leon Gray, commander of the Air Force installation at Geiger Field at Spokane. Geiger is control point for the 822nd and has been included in the 25th Division. It had previously been headquarters for the 9th Air Division.

30 Men On Hand

The 822nd is a subsector of Geiger, Major Palmer said. He said about 30 permanent personnel have arrived at the radar site and he expects about 30 more men before the end of the month.

He said the installation team has completed one radar tower and is currently working on a second similar unit. He said the air defense command had originally called for the installation to be in operation by Oct. 15 but Monday Major Palmer said “a safe estimate now would be in mid-November.”

He said the communications system used within the site and to connect the 822nd with Geiger and other radar warning system units in the Northwest will require a complete reinstallation. He said the internal wiring system must be revamped, “and this will delay us even more.”

Major Palmer said Allied Construction Co. of Spokane will have a 27-unit family housing project at Cottonwood completed by Oct, 15. He said an open house is planned in connection with Veterans Day in November.

This story was published in the Sept. 16, 1958, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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