This story was published in the Sept. 25, 1938, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


Seven Contractors Submit Offers To Build Addition At Total Cost Of $65,000

Genesee, Sept. 24. - Offering a bid to do the general construction work for $54,275, John Thomas, Moscow contractor, today submitted the lowest of seven tenders to trustees for building an addition to the Genesee high school as a PWA project. The board deferred awarding the contract.

With the public works administration furnishing $27,000, the proposed addition will cost about $65,000. It will involve construction of a combination gymnasium and auditorium, showers, lockers, study hall and five new classrooms. Bonds have been sold by the trustees to pay the district's share of the cost.

The basic bids submitted by the contractors follow:

General construction - John Thomas, Moscow, $54,275; Colonial Building Co, Spokane, $58,079; Gus Larkin, Lewiston, $61,421; Joe Berry, Lewiston, $61,446; J. J. Lohrenz, Spokane, $62,742; Hazen & Clark, Spokane, $63,995.

Six Heating Bids.

Heating - Twin City Plumbing & Co., Lewiston, $5,532; H. D. Powell, Moscow, $5,675; Lewiston Plumbing & Heating Co., Lewiston, $6,010; Ogden Plumbing & Heating Co., Walla Walla, $6,122; S. T. Miller, Spokane, $6,500; Zahniser & Warren, Spokane, $6,818.

Plumbing - H. D. Powell, $1,168; Twin City Plumbing & Heating Co, $1,392; Lewiston Plumbing & Heating Co, $1,339; S. T: Miller, $1,535; Ogden. Plumbing & Heating Co, $1,960.

Electrical - Moscow Electric Co,, Moscow, $1,180; A. T. Johnson, Troy, $1,299; Power City Corp,, Spokane, $1,485; Carl Simmons, Genesee, $1,597.69; Maxwell & Franks, Spokane, $1,598; Electric Smith, Spokane, $1,603; Gates Electric, Moscow, $1,884; Morey-Robison, Lewiston, $2,059.

Contractors also submitted three alternate bids in each construction classification. Charles I. Carpenter, Spokane, is architect and engineer of the project.

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