A discouraging market for fur pelts has put a damper on fur trapping activity in the Lewiston area.

Robert Myers, manager of Lewiston Fur Shop, said the price of marten and muskrat pelts is fully 20 cents lower than last year. Because of the uncertain muskrat, market and the short trapping season, very few trappers are out.

Myers said a backlog of raw furs is responsible for the poor market. He said this backlog probably won’t be moved until the end of the year.

Trapping season on fox, marten, otter and muskrat opened Nov. 1 and closes Dec. 31. There is no open season on mink this year.

Raccoon season is open the whole year, but Myers said there is little demand for western raccoon.

This story was published in the Dec. 21, 1953, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.