The fire department was called out shortly after three o’clock yesterday afternoon, and the chemical auto engine made a swift run up Main street to the scene of the blaze, which was in the big auto bus belonging to the DeFrance hotel. The fire in the auto was extinguished with a hand extinguisher, the damage, to the auto being of small extent.

The chief of the fire department complains that ordinary traffic did not drive to the sides of the street when the department siren was sounded, but continued to occupy the roadway, compelling the Heavy apparatus to weave its way about ordinary vehicles.

The auto which took fire is a somewhat ancient gasoline vehicle, which was used for a long time on the run between Lewiston and Clarkston, and hauled many thousands of people between the two towns.

This story was published in the Dec. 2, 1915, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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