Some 60,000 yards of dirt and rock have been removed from the eastern area of the city-county airport site in Lewiston Orchards since major operations started on the port about a month ago. The crusher will probably start working in a few days now, W. P. Hughes, city engineer, said yesterday.

Dirt being removed from the section of the east end of the east-west runway is being hauled about a mile to the north end of the northwest-southeast runway where a fill is being made for the 500-foot extension of this runway, requested by the navy department.

With many carloads of heavy construction equipment already shipped into Lewiston for use by the contractors, Northwest Engineering Co., a carload of paving equipment arrived yesterday. Two more carloads axe expected soon from Rapid City, S.D.

“Most of the dirt has been removed,” the city engineer said, “and the rock crushing operation is about ready to start. Rock from the east-west runway will be run through it, and used as an 8-inch rock base for the later paving of the runway.”

6,000 Yards Daily

The excavated grader is digging and loading 21 trucks with dirt at about the rate of 6,000 yards daily. Some 135 are now employed on the project. Four carryalls are also hauling dirt from the same general eastern area.

The dirt being hauled has been placed in layers on the northern section of the site, bladed, sprinkled, and then rolled in order to get a thorough compactness. After this has been completed a sample will be sent to Moscow where it will be tested to see if it has proper compaction, Mr. Hughes said.

Some 3,000 feet of ditch has been dug, and the same amount of 8 to 15-inch drainage pipe has been laid under the direction of D. L. Frye, Spokane. Roy Baer holds the subcontract for the drainage.

This story was published in the Oct. 21, 1943, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.

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