This story was published in the April 26, 1912, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


The Open River company boat, Inland Empire, reached Lewiston yesterday forenoon from Celilo, having made the run during the morning from Almota. The boat brought 127 tons of freight, the consignments being principally for Lewiston merchants, although small shipments for several of the towns to the east of Lewiston are included. The craft will depart at an early hour this morning on the return run to Celilo.

The Inland Empire’s run from Celilo was a most successful one despite the fact that when she left port the river was falling. The departure from Celilo was made at 4 o’clock Monday morning and Umatilla was reached at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, after the 89-mile run. Between Celilo and Umatilla considerable way freight was delivered. The departure from Umatilla was made at 4 o’clock Tuesday morning and after touching at Pasco and Kennewick, the boat tied up for the night at Page, 21 miles above the mouth of the Snake river. Wednesday’s run brought the boat to Almota. The distance from Lewiston to Kennewick is 133 miles and from Kennewick to Celilo, 127 miles. The boat made the up-river run, using only the daylight hours, in three and one-third days, or covered an average of over 70 miles a day. The return trip to Celilo is conveniently made in two days, and the run has been negotiated in a test in a single day.

When the boat left Celilo Monday, she took practically all the Lewiston freight then stored there. There is however, awaiting shipment at Celilo a large cargo of grain bags, which will be brought to Asotin for the Interior Warehouse company. As the grain bags will not be needed until July, other classes of freight have been given preference in loading out at Celilo.

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