Hollywood, Calif., May 3. —(AP) — The Constitution Society of the United States announced today it bad signed a contract with Edwin Carewe, film director, to make for the society a film presenting in “forceful and spectacular” manner the birth of the constitution.

The picture, to be titled “The Spirit of ’76,” will trace the constitution from the signing of the Magna Carta by King John of England, depicting significant events from then to the actual adoption.

Benjamin F. Bledsoe, chairman of the society’s motion picture executive committee, said “a true and authentic picturization of the birth of America will be reflected upon the screen. There will be no attempt to introduce sex or “Hollywoodisms” into this production.”

The film will be distributed by the Carewe organization through its educational and religious channels, whereby with the use of 16-millimeter sound projection equipment it can be shown in schools and churches as well as larger auditoriums.

This story was published in the May 04, 1936, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.