A three-cent stamp commemorating the atomic age will be issued by the Postoffice Department at Washington, D. C., July 28, Acting Postmaster Eric Wickstrom announced yesterday.

He said the stamp would be blue and would carry the legend, “Atoms for Peace.” It will picture two spheres showing each side of the globe encircled with the orbital emblem now symbolic of atomic energy, Wickstrom said.

A quotation from President Eisenhower’s Dec. 8, 1953, speech to the United Nations General Assembly, “...to find the way by which the ... inventiveness of man shall ... be consecrated to his life,” will be printed on the stamp in dark-face gothic.

“Stamp collectors desiring first-day cancellations should send a reasonable number of addressed envelopes to the postmaster at Washington, D. C., along with money orders to cover the cost,” Wickstrom said. He said the stamp would be on sale here shortly after it is issued.

This story was published in the July 20, 1955, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.