This story was published in the June 22, 1898, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.


London, June 21. — A Gibralter dispatch to the News reports:

“It is rumored here that Spain has sold the Philipine islands to Germany and that a German squadron is expected by General Augusti at Manila. The German view given vent to here is this:

“Mr, McKinley never wanted war, nor did any of his ministers, at least of all the war and naval ministers. It was the politicians and jobbers behind the scenes and some philanthropists who dragged the president as far as he has gone. The taking over of Manila by the Germans will enable him to say to the war party:

“What did I tell you? Are we going to try conclusions with the Germans and Russians and probably the French? Our British friends are for peace. We should also consider our German population. They will behave, if need be, like good Americans, but before the need is apparent German feeling may sway them.”