The eyes of the nation will be turned this week on Lewtston and the shrine of Idaho history at Spalding, sacred to all Gem staters. It is fitting that Governor Ross by proclamation has set the centennial celebration days aside as a period for all Idahoans to honor the memory of the founding fathers and mothers, “to give thought to the colorful history of the commonwealth, to pay tribute to its pioneers, and to absorb some of the sweet spirit of adventure which clusters about its historical background and let our hearts glow in retrospect with love of our state...”

Lewiston, as the hub of things present and past in Idaho, is prepared to play the gracious and hospitable host at Idaho’s 100th birthday party. It will be a memorable week of entertainment, education and sincere homage to those who laid the foundations for what we have today. We may hope that when it is over the younger generation will be conscious of the heroism, sacrifice and achievement of the men and women of 1836. Nor would it be amiss for their elders to catch again the spirit of the frontier heroes aid heroines, recalling in their inspiration a dedication to service that alone makes a great people and a great state.

This story was published in the May 4, 1936, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.