Today is Tuesday, Oct. 12, the 285th day of 2021. There are 80 days left in the year.

Today in history

On Oct. 12, 2000, 17 sailors were killed in a suicide bomb attack on the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen.

Also on this date:

In 1933, bank robber John Dillinger escaped from a jail in Allen County, Ohio, with the help of his gang, who killed the sheriff, Jess Sarber.

In 1942, during World War II, American naval forces defeated the Japanese in the Battle of Cape Esperance. ... Attorney General Francis Biddle announced during a Columbus Day celebration at Carnegie Hall in New York that Italian nationals in the United States would no longer be considered enemy aliens.

In 1973, President Richard Nixon nominated House minority leader Gerald R. Ford of Michigan to succeed Spiro T. Agnew as vice president.

In 1984, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escaped an attempt on her life when an Irish Republican Army bomb exploded at a hotel in Brighton, England, killing five people.

In 1986, the superpower meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, ended in stalemate, with President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev unable to agree on arms control or a date for a full-fledged summit in the United States.

In 1997, singer John Denver was killed in the crash of his privately built aircraft in Monterey Bay, Calif.; he was 53.

Fun fact

The hard exterior of a horse’s hoof is made of keratin, the same durable protein that makes up human fingernails and hair.

Riddle me this

If there are three apples and you take two, how many apples do you have?

Spoiler alert — answer below the birthdays.

Trending words

“Fret:” verb; (FRET). Definition: To become worried or concerned.

— Merriam-Webster

Today’s Birthdays

Broadcast journalist Chris Wallace is 74. Actor-singer Susan Anton is 71. Pop/rock singer/songwriter Jane Siberry is 66. Actor Carlos Bernard is 59. Jazz musician Chris Botti is 59. Rock singer Bob Schneider is 56. Actor Hugh Jackman is 53. Actor Adam Rich is 53. Actor Kirk Cameron is 51. Olympic gold medal skier Bode Miller is 44. Rock singer Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory) is 42. Actor Brian J. Smith is 40. Actor Tyler Blackburn is 35. Actor Marcus T. Paulk is 35. Actor Josh Hutcherson is 29.

Riddle answer: You have two apples.

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