Today is Sunday, June 28, the 180th day of 2020. There are 186 days left in the year.

Today in history

On June 28, 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed in France, ending the First World War.

Also on this date:

In 1838, Britain’s Queen Victoria was crowned in Westminster Abbey.

In 1863, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln appointed Maj. Gen. George G. Meade the new commander of the Army of the Potomac, following the resignation of Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker.

In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie, were shot to death in Sarajevo by Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip — an act which sparked World War I.

In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Alien Registration Act, also known as the Smith Act, which required adult foreigners residing in the U.S. to be registered and fingerprinted.

In 1964, civil rights activist Malcolm X declared, “We want equality by any means necessary” during the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity in New York.

In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, which moved commemorations for Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day and Veterans Day to Monday, creating three-day holiday weekends, beginning in 1971.

Fun fact

A toddler between the ages of 1 and 2 years, will gain 2 million new brain connections every second.

Just for laughs

I’m not wearing glasses anymore. I’ve seen enough.


Trending words

“Protean:” adjective. Definition 1: Of or resembling Proteus in having a varied nature or ability to assume different forms. Definition 2: Displaying great diversity or variety: versatile.

— Merriam-Webster

Today’s birthdays

Comedian-movie director Mel Brooks is 94. Former Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., is 86. Comedian-impressionist John Byner is 83. Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is 82. Rock musician Dave Knights (Procul Harum) is 75. Actor Bruce Davison is 74. Actress Kathy Bates is 72. Actress Alice Krige is 66. College and Pro Football Hall of Famer John Elway is 60. Record company chief executive Tony Mercedes is 58. Jazz singer Tierney Sutton is 57. Actress Jessica Hecht is 55. Rock musician Saul Davies (James) is 55. Actress Mary Stuart Masterson is 54. Actor John Cusack is 54. Actor Gil Bellows is 53. Actress-singer Danielle Brisebois is 51. Jazz musician Jimmy Sommers is 51. Actress Tichina Arnold is 51. Actor Steve Burton is 50. Entrepreneur Elon Musk is 49. Actor Alessandro Nivola is 48. Rock musician Tim Nordwind (OK Go) is 44. Rock musician Mark Stoermer (The Killers) is 43. Country singer Big Vinny Hickerson (Trailer Choir) is 37. Country singer Kellie Pickler is 34.

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