Today is Monday, Aug. 12, the 224th day of 2019. There are 141 days left in the year.

Today in history

On Aug. 12, 2017, a car plowed into a crowd of people peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally in the Virginia college town of Charlottesville, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and hurting more than a dozen others. (The attacker, James Alex Fields, was sentenced to life in prison on 29 federal hate crime charges, and life plus 419 years on state charges.) President Donald Trump condemned what he called an “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides;” Democrats and some Republicans called on him to specifically denounce white supremacy. Two Virginia state policemen were killed in a helicopter crash while monitoring the Charlottesville protests.

Also on this date:

  • In 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the Indianapolis 500, first opened.
  • In 1939, the MGM movie musical “The Wizard of Oz,” starring Judy Garland, had its world premiere at the Strand Theater in Oconomowoc, Wis., three days before opening in Hollywood.
  • In 1953, the Soviet Union conducted a secret test of its first hydrogen bomb.

Fun fact

Goldfish will lose their color and turn white if they are kept in the dark and not exposed to any sunlight.

These three tweets

1. Body: We need to sleep.

Brain: Do fish have any concept of rain?



2. Track coach: “Run like the wind.”

Dude from Oklahoma: [Spins.]


3. If dinosaurs were still alive, people would do a lot more running.


Trending words

“Omnium-gatherum:” noun; (om·​ni·​um-gath·​er·​um). Definition: A miscellaneous collection (as of things or persons).

— Merriam-Webster

Today’s birthdays

Actor George Hamilton is 80. Actress Dana Ivey is 78. Actress Jennifer Warren is 78. Rock singer-musician Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) is 70. Actor Jim Beaver is 69. Singer Kid Creole is 69. Jazz musician Pat Metheny is 65. Actor Sam J. Jones is 65. Pop musician Roy Hay (Culture Club) is 58. Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot is 56. Actor Peter Krause is 54. Actor Brent Sexton is 52. International Tennis Hall of Famer Pete Sampras is 48. Actor-comedian Michael Ian Black is 48. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown is 48. Actress Rebecca Gayheart is 48. Actor Casey Affleck is 44. Actress Maggie Lawson is 39. Actress Dominique Swain is 39. Actress Leah Pipes is 31. Actor Lakeith Stanfield is 28. NBA All-Star Khris Middleton is 28. Actress Cara Delevingne is 27.

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