Today is Monday, June 29, the 181st day of 2020. There are 185 days left in the year.

Today in history

On June 29, 1613, London’s original Globe Theatre, where many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed, was destroyed by a fire sparked by a cannon shot during a performance of “Henry VIII.”

Also on this date:

In 1767, Britain approved the Townshend Revenue Act, which imposed import duties on glass, paint, oil, lead, paper and tea shipped to the American colonies. (Colonists bitterly protested, prompting Parliament to repeal the duties — except for tea.)

In 1946, authorities in British-ruled Palestine arrested more than 2,700 Jews in an attempt to stamp out extremists.

Fun fact

Ice cream exists simultaneously in all three states: a solid (the ice crystals), a liquid (the milk and sugar solution) and a gas (the air bubbles).

These three tweets

1. Our UPS guy has won 389 FitBit challenges just from walking back and forth to our front door.


2. I don’t like how strawberries have their seeds on the outside. kinda freaks me out. Put a shirt on you little weirdo.


3. 1 percent milk was invented when someone poured regular milk into a glass that still had water in it and they were too ashamed to admit their mistake.


Trending words

“Gourmand:” noun; (GOOR-mahnd). Definition: One who is excessively fond of eating and drinking, or one who is heartily interested in good food and drink.

— Merriam-Webster

Today’s birthdays

Songwriter L. Russell Brown is 80. Singer-songwriter Garland Jeffreys is 77. Actor Gary Busey is 76. Comedian Richard Lewis is 73. Rock musician Ian Paice (Deep Purple) is 72. Rock singer Colin Hay (Men At Work) is 67. Actress Maria Conchita Alonso is 65. Actress Kimberlin Brown (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) is 59. Actress Sharon Lawrence is 59. Actress Amanda Donohoe is 58. Actress Judith Hoag is 57. Actress Kathleen Wilhoite is 56. Producer-writer Matthew Weiner is 55. Musician Dale Baker is 54. Actress Melora Hardin is 53. Actor Brian D’Arcy James is 52. Actress Christina Chang is 49. Actor Lance Barber is 47. Actor-dancer Will Kemp is 43. Actress Zuleikha Robinson is 43. Rock musician Sam Farrar is 42. Actor Luke Kirby is 42. Singer Nicole Scherzinger is 42. Comedian-writer Colin Jost is 38. Actress Lily Rabe is 38. NBA forward Kawhi Leonard is 29. Actress Camila Mendes (“Riverdale”) is 26.

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