One new COVID-19-related death was reported Monday in Whitman County. And Public Health – Idaho North Central District documented the highest daily increase of positive tests since the pandemic began in March with 141 new cases.

The death in Whitman County was a male between the ages of 60 and 79, bringing total deaths to 13, according to Whitman County Public Health. There were 54 new positive COVID-19 test results from the weekend and Monday, for a county total of 1,787. The new cases include five females and six males age 19 and younger; seven women and 14 men between ages 20 and 39; three women and five men ages 40 to 59; one woman and four men ages 60 to 79; and eight women and one man older than 80.

Six of the cases are currently hospitalized and all others are stable and self-isolating, the health department reported.

Public Health – Idaho North Central District reported 141 new cases that accumulated over the weekend and Monday, including 62 cases in Nez Perce County, which is the highest daily count for the county since the beginning of the pandemic. Over the past two weeks, Nez Perce County has seen more COVID-19 cases than any county in the region. Since Oct. 13, there have been 291 new cases reported, compared to Whitman County with 248 and Latah County with 236.

Tara Macke of the health department said that because of the increase in cases, the department is early in the investigation process and is unaware if any of the recently reported cases is hospitalized at this time.

Nez Perce County’s cases include four girls and two boys ages 5 to 12; one female and three males ages 13 to 17; two women and three men ages 18 to 29; six women and six men in their 30s; four women and one man in their 40s; six women and five men in their 50s; three women and four men in their 60s; and three women and six men in the 70s.

Latah County added 45 new cases Monday. Those include one girl younger than age 4; one girl and three boys ages 5 to 12; one female and one male ages 13 to 17; five women and 10 men ages 18 to 29; three women and three men in their 30s; four women and four men in their 50s; two women and three men in their 60s; and one woman in her 70s.

In Clearwater County, there was one woman in her 40s; two women and one man in their 50s; two women and one man in their 70s; and one man in his 80s.

Lewis County reported one woman in her 50s; one woman in her 70s; and one woman in her 80s.

Idaho County had one girl between ages 5 and 12; two females age 13 to 17; one woman and two men ages 18 to 29; two women and four men in their 30s; four women in their 40s; one woman and one man in their 50s; one woman in her 60s; two men in their 70s; and one woman and one man in their 80s.

Asotin County Public Health reported three new cases since Friday for a total of 241. Those include two women ages 30 to 39 and one female ages 60 to 69. None of the new cases is hospitalized.

Garfield County reported two new positive cases Monday, including one man and one woman older than age 20. Both are recovering at home.

The University of Idaho received 21 new positive tests from 912 total tests between Oct. 17-23. That accounts for 2.3 percent of positives to total and 2.49 percent of positives in total results since the start of testing in early August.

There have been 445 total positive tests since UI started testing.

The Lewiston School District announced six students and six staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 since Friday. The district has seen 42 total cases, of which 26 are considered active. There are 5,587 students and staff in the district.

The district said Public Health is currently conducting contact tracing for positive cases in the schools and classes will remain open in the green phase. Buildings have been cleaned and disinfected, the district reported.

The latest positive cases include one student and two staff members at Camelot Elementary; one staff member each at Orchards, Webster and Whitman elementaries; one student at Jenifer Middle School; two students and one staff member at Sacajawea Middle School; and two students at Lewiston High School.

The Idaho Attorney General’s Office is warning residents to use caution when shopping for COVID-19-related health care products online. Some sellers falsely claim that colloidal silver, essential oils, supplements and immunity-boosting therapies can prevent virus infections or treat other health conditions that pose a risk to the consumers’ health.

“My office has contacted several sellers in the past eight months about their deceptive and unsubstantiated health claims,” Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said in a news release. “Ads for fake coronavirus cures are particularly troubling and should be reported to my office.”

Idahoans may file complaints with the office’s consumer protection division if they see deceptive health claims or lose money because of a business’s deceptive practices.

The Federal Trade Commission also accepts consumer complaints. The commission recently launched a new website that makes it easier for consumers to report fraud, scams and other bad business practices. Complaints filed through the website are then shared with more than 3,000 law enforcers across the country. The new commission website is

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