Criminal jury trials, which were planned to restart in Idaho on Monday, have again been put on hold because of the continuing increase in COVID-19 infections across the state.

The Idaho Supreme Court modified its order from April to suspend criminal jury trials now through at least Sept. 14 and civil jury trials until at least Dec. 1. The highest court in Idaho first put criminal and civil trials on hold in March.

“Due to the continuing rise in positive COVID-19 cases throughout Idaho, the time during which no trial juror shall be required to appear in person shall be extended to September 14, 2020,” the order said. “No jury trial shall commence in a criminal case before September 14, 2020, and in a civil case before December 1, 2020.”

Civil jury trials were planned to resume in October before the new modified order was issued.

The order, as with the previous orders, states that all time where jury trials could not be held because of the pandemic will not be counted as denying a person charged with a crime the right to a speedy trial.

The order covers all magistrate and 2nd District court trials.

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