Audiology Q: Mom recently started wearing hearing aids. I haven’t seen my folks this happy in years. Is there a connection between hearing care and marital harmony? A: 557180F Hearing aid wearers report Dr. Anne Simon Audiologist improvement in relationships. But loved ones are more likely to notice the change. Surveys consistently report these results. Why would hearing aid wearers see happier marriages? Happy marriages are built on ‘small conversations.’ Small conversations are the moments of playfulness and quiet words of encouragement. This is how couples develop trust and rapport. These brief moments of kindness and affection help give us a sense of perspective. That perspective helps us repair the hurt feelings in difficult times. Over time, happy couples get better at supporting each other. They get better at cutting off unkind conversations. Marriage resembles a life-long courtship. A constant renewal of affection that results in marital harmony. Hearing loss makes communication a more effortful exercise. In an effort to conserve energy, small conversations are the first to go. Hearing loss is an obstacle to you receiving words of encouragement. It can also interfere with your ability to recognize when your spouse feels pain. The greater effort it takes to communicate is reserved for ‘big’ conversations. Communication becomes about task, and less on mutual support. Spouses become business partners, rather than life-long friends. Hearing is the sense most vital for relationships. What you’ve seen in your parents is the benefit that hearing care can bring. Caring for your hearing can transform your life and relationships. If you or a loved one find conversation difficult, an audiologic evaluation is the best, next step. You have five senses that you experience life through. Why not experience life to the fullest? Call my office today to schedule your consultation! 208-746-7022. 208-746-7022 1022 Bryden Ave (Behind Rosauers)