Chew On This... No Guarantees Over the course of more than 25 years in dental practice I have seen the results of many people doing silly things with their teeth. The first I clearly remember was a young man who came to me in my first 6 month of practice. After I had repaired both of his upper right bicuspids and smoothed the chips on the lower ones I humorously suggested that they would withstand anything short of opening beer bottles. He looked sheepishly at me and said “How did you know that’s what I did?” I didn’t initially, but I did then. And that is why kids, we don’t guarantee our work past the threshold of the doorway. We have no control or influence on our work once you leave the dental office. Of course if I am not perfect in the work I execute and leave something less than desirable as a result of an oversight, it is my responsibility to resolve it. I think it happened once, maybe twice. However the most frequent fractures are when teeth are used in lieu of pliers, wrenches, scissors, split shot crimpers, or other times when something with a brand name like Craftsman or SnapOn would be a better choice. Those come with a lifetime guarantee and may be returned at any time without cost or embarrassing explanations. When teeth are bathed in soda, candy, sports drinks, or subjected to the exposure of acid reflux liquids those solutions gather at even the best filling edge and sit there until diluted or mechanically removed. Time and concentration are not your friend and will eventually cause decay to reform. Since we are not available to assist with your homecare each night, the necessary maintenance is out of our hands and, tag you’re it, for that responsibility. Just to be clear, I am not advocating our nightly presence at your home. That would be intrusive, complicated and really uncomfortable. Use your teeth to chew, speak, smile. Don’t expect a tooth to do more that it is capable of and we won’t have to deal with no fault guarantees that don’t exist. James E. Pierce, D.D.S. Aesthetic & Family Dentistry 939 Bryden Ave. #2 • Lewiston (208) 746-0204 560197H