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REAL ESTATE Q: Is it beneficial to have an open house or is it a waste of time? A: Cindy Perttu, CRS, GRI, SRS (509) 758-8500 559037G-19 That is really a matter of personal preference. Cindy Perttu Personally, I love open houses because it is a "power showing" on the home. We get multiple people viewing the home in a relatively short period of time. They made the effort to come see inside, but if they are not interested in buying it, they might know someone who would love it. The word of mouth advertising is priceless for the home. As a seller, you would prepare the home for each showing anyway, so it is less effort for you to have multiple viewings in a short period of time. On the other hand, there are agents who do not like open houses because they don't usually sell at the open house, so they consider it a waste of time. Keeping that in mind, we don't sell every person every house we show anyway. We have to plan ahead for open houses to get the advertising out, and if the weather is too hot, too cold, raining or snowing, people are less likely to attend. Those are the days that we bring work to do, just in case we have very few people show up to view the home. For all your real estate questions, please call me at 208-743-9772 or 509-758-8500. Rock-n-Roll Realty