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HEALTH NOTIFICATION! Are you hard of hearing? A major name brand hearing aid provider wishes to field test a remarkable new digital hearing instrument in the area. This offer is free of charge and you are under no obligation. These revolutionary 100% Digital instruments use the latest technology to comfortably and almost invisibly help you hear more clearly. This technology solves the “stopped up ears” and “head in a barrel” sensation some people experience. If you wish to participate, you will be required to have your hearing tested in our office FREE OF CHARGE to determine candidacy and review your results with the hearing instruments with our hearing care specialist. At the end of this evaluation, you may keep your instrument, if you so desire, at a tremendous savings for participating in this field test. Special testing will be done to determine the increased benefits of this technology. Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing test, and proper fit. This is a wonderful opportunity to determine if hearing help is available for your hearing loss and get hearing help at a very affordable price. Call Now and Make a Reservation if you wish to be Included! Use Code: 19SepHealth THIS WEEK ONLY Expires September 13. Special Notice State Employees You may qualify for a hearing aid benefit up to $4,000 every 4 years. Call for eligibility status 1716 G Street Lewiston, ID 208.278.1145 visit us online at: The Miracle Ear Foundation Since 1990 the Miracle-Ear Foundation™ has been providing hearing aids, follow-up care, and educational resources to people with hearing loss who demonstrate personal inability to financially provide for their hearing health needs. We do this because we believe everyone in our community deserves quality hearing instruments. Hearing Hear ing test testss are are always always a fre free. e. Heari Heari earing ng test test e is an an audiom audiom o etri etricc test to to determ determ termine ine prop proper er ampli ampli mpl fication o nee eds only. nlyy Hea earing ring Aid Aidss d do not res restore tore nattural hea earing ring.. Indivi ring Indivi vidual dual exp experie er nces wil erie willl vary vary depen pending ding ng on seve severity rity of loss loss,, accura ac cura racy cy of of evalua evalua lua ation by our Co Conssulta ultant, n nt, prop o er fit, fit, and the abil abi ity to adjus adjus djustt amplifi amplifi plificat cat ation. ion If you are not comp ion. complete lete etely ete ly satis satis atisfified, ed, the the a aid ds must st be retur ret etur tur ned ed with w in wi n 30 3 0 days days of of the the ccomple pletion tion on of fitting, tting, ing in sati satisfac sat sfactory sfac tory conditi con onditi di on for dit for a ful fulll re efund fund. und.