Can wearables impact patient engagement in physical therapy services? 4 74 2 41 D D- 16 Wearables can be defined as wearable technology trends that can support engagement in activity. A study Levi Frasier, PT conducted in 2015 suggests that 37% out of 2000 subjects that completed an information survey use wearable devices for fitness or to track health. Futhermore, 78% of those using wearables feel it is useful for medical professionals to have access to the information gleaned from the devices. Wearables are becoming more commonplace in particular in the US. With improvements in applications to help track habits including frequency, intensity and duration of activity these devices can become a way to engage patients on a their level. You can directly see the impact the changes that health care providers including physical therapists prescribe and its impact on your health and well being. The technology potentially can fill in the gaps in care between appointments making it easier to measure progress towards patient established health goals. Further advancements may be necessary to allow these devices to become more impactful in a physical therapy setting but there is great potential. Developing home programs that have a meaningful impact on patient goals is important in the rehabilitation process and this technology will be able to solve some of the barriers. Please don’t hesitate to contact the professional staff at the Institute of Physical Therapy for any rehabilitation needs as we strive to assist you in improving pain and restoring function. 678 Southway, Lewiston 208-746-1418 Relieving Pain – Restoring Function