Why Is physical therapy important after knee replacement? A total knee replacement is a surgical Levi Frasier, PT procedure that is used to relieve pain and restore normal function of the joint allowing patients to return back to their prior activities. Total knee replacement is a very common surgery with 1/2 million surgeries performed annually in the US. Physical therapy is beneficial post surgery with emphasis on pain and swelling reduction and restoring quadriceps control/activation. Physical therapists are trained to educate and progress patients throughout the continuum of treatment from pre operative instruction and exercise to post operative care. Post operative care includes proper fit of assistive devices and education in how to use the assistive devices effectively. Characteristically patients will need an assistive device for ambulation post surgery and without it the likelihood of falling is very high. Focused strengthening and balance training can restore normal mechanics through the lower extremities and improve quality of life. Proper progression through physical therapy is vital for full recovery. If you are considering a total knee replacement, please don’t hesitate to contact the professional staff at the Institute of Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation needs. 678 Southway, Lewiston 208-746-1418 Relieving Pain – Restoring Function