LAWN & GARDEN Q: What should I be doing in my yard in May? A: 6 11 0 2 1 E May is the time to put your attention on your lawn and garden. Weeds are a conAngila Rudy stant issue in the yard. Birds Manager carry them, the wind blows them, while others spread on their own. At your local CHS Primeland Country Store we have you covered. We have the tools to eliminate all weeds and grasses including Round-Up, Eraser, Eraser Max, Glystar, and Knockout to mix or ready to use. We carry broad leaf weed eliminators like Weed-BeGone, Image All in One, 2 4-D, and BioAdvantage, also to mix or ready to use. We also carry fertilizers with weed eliminators. Our Pennington Ultra Green and Slow Mo will make it green and weed free. We offer 16-16-16, 46-0-0, 21-7-14, along with a few others to provide what your lawn or pasture is needing and help it grow. Primeland carries grass seed in bulk and also bags up to 20lb. in all kinds of grasses that will make your lawn, pasture, or putting green look marvelous. CHS Primeland also has the tools for maintaining your flower beds and garden. Hand shovels large and small. Clippers for your large and small limbs and branches. We have hand pruners, saws, trowels, bulb planters, and axes to make your yard work easier. Have pests around your home? Primeland carries the necessities you will need to eliminate or ward those critters off. We carry Monterey Horticulture oils and Liqui-Cop to help your fruit trees be bug free, bloom, and produce great fruit. Ortho, Bug-BGone, BioAdvantage, and Sevin insecticides will clear bugs out for good. We also have what you need to get rid of snails and slugs. Yellow jackets and hornets fared well this winter and are already building nests. We carry sprays, traps, and wasp sticks all designed to keep them away from your home and out of your way. CHS also has your rodent trapping and killing needs like your TomCat products, Rodentex, as well as several other brands that offer different methods to remove mice, rats, moles, and even gophers from your home or farming areas. Stop in at your local CHS Primeland Country Store today in Lewiston, Craigmont, or Grangeville. 1200 Snake River Ave. Lewiston, 208-743-8602 Craigmont, 208-924-5281 Grangeville, 208-983-1745