LAWN & GARDEN Fall is here! Not only are the trees very colorful, you are almost done with lawn work for the year! Perfect time to begin putting down your Winterizer FertilDave O'Donnell izer. Stop by Primeland Country store today and pick up your PENNINGTON Signature Series Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer 22-0-14. Provides a quick spring green-up plus it feeds up to 4 months. This will keep your lawn healthy and strong all winter plus have a nice green lawn early spring. 541705j-18 Another reminder for fall is make sure you rake all the leaves up before it snows. This helps prevent any type of mold or rust to appear in the spring. An application of Bayer Lawn Fungus control will help prevent early problems with lawn diseases. You want to apply this before the first snow fall and again in the spring. Fungus control does not last as long in the lawn as fertilizer. For all your fall needs stop by your PRIMELAND COUNTRY STORE. 1200 Snake River Ave. Lewiston, 743-8602 Craigmont, 924-5281 Grangeville, 208-983-1745 • St. John, 509-648-3480