The Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority board is seeking a new member.

A commercial helicopter pilot, Chris Hayes resigned from the board because he plans to start a flight school at the Lewiston airport. Hayes just completed single engine, multiple engine and instrument training on airplanes.

His plans involve leasing a hangar at the airport, which Hayes said he believes would pose a problem for the city of Lewiston, which owns the airport with Nez Perce County.

Lewiston’s legal counsel reviewed state laws about boards such as those that govern the airport and found leaseholders can’t be board members, Lewiston Mayor Mike Collins said, in a text.

That stance, Hayes said, is one he disagrees with since it excludes some of those most vested in the airport.

A number of past board chairs and board members have had leases or business interests at the airport, Hayes said in his comments at the most recent board meeting.

He has been involved in the airport in a variety of roles. He was on the board until resigning and being selected as airport manager in 2015, a job he left for private industry 16 months later before being appointed to the board again in 2019.

The seat Hayes held on the board is one that is selected by the other four members, including two who are selected by the Lewiston City Council and two who are picked by the Nez Perce County Commission.

The airport board will seek applicants for Hayes’ seat in coming weeks on its website and Facebook page, Board Chairman Gary Peters said.