Absolute Promise, 515 Linden Ave., Lewiston, landscape maintenance and design, home renovations.

Bigfoot Express, 2022 Second Ave. N., Lewiston, independent truck driver.

Broken Compass, 918 Preston Ave., No. 2, Lewiston, crafts.

D&T Electric Heating & Cooling Inc., 3949 North Westside Highway, Clifton, Idaho, electrical and heating ventilation and air conditioning.

Eye Do Lashes, 621 Main St., Suite G, Lewiston, eyelash extensions.

Hells Canyon Tree Surgeon, 2020 Powers Drive, Lewiston, tree trimming, removal and landscaping.

J M Roofing & Flat Roof Systems, 2727 Fourth Ave. N., Lewiston, installation of roofing systems.

Joyful Inc., 710 Main St., Lewiston, body scrubs, hair elastics, local artisan products.

Lemon Leaf Beauty Inc., 1049 21st St., Lewiston, esthetics, retail skincare.

Orson Builders, 4066 Lucky Lane, Lewiston, remodeling and new construction.

Raddlecraft Engineering PLLC, 1634 Birch Ave., Lewiston, engineering services.

Ramfence LLC Ranch & Residential, 1809 16th Ave., No. B, Lewiston, fence installation and repair.

Reverie, 1516 19th St., Lewiston, custom home decor.

Reolusun Mountain States, P.O. Box 1118, McCall, photo-voltaic solar panel installation.

Shaun Heilman Tattoos, 818 Main St., Lewiston, tattoo shop.

United Lynn-Con Corp., 1309 S. Hampton Road, Desoto, Texas, flooring.

Alpine Ski Wholesalers, P.O. Box 532, Donnelly, ski equipment.

Bachman Handyman Services, 1980 10th Ave., Clarkston, residential repairs, clean-outs, and handyman services.

Best Built Supply, 3113 E. Main St., Lewiston, wholesale, and retail sales of building supply materials.

Bruns Counseling Services LLC, 321 17th St., Lewiston, mental health clinic.

Cornerstone Catering, 1018 11th St., Lewiston, catering.

Diamond B Tree Service and Construction, 528 12th St., Clarkston, tree and shrub removal and trimming, landscaping.

Fritz Precision Shooting, 40661 Bobcat Lane, Lewiston, long range shooting training.

Jubilee By Janessa, 611 19th Ave., Lewiston, online sales of baked goods, baking tutorials and recipes.

Kaardel Safety Services, 1828 Birch Court, Lewiston, safety, CPR and first aid training.

KB Lashes, 706 Main St., Lewiston, eyelash extensions.

Peace Defense Consulting, 40661 Bobcat Lane, Lewiston, sale of firearms and building precision rifles.

Ringold Refrigeration LLC, 2490 Elm Road, Pasco, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration contractor.

Ritz Express LLC, 409 Thain Road, Lewiston, automated car wash.

Roxy Clean Housekeeping, 722 Eighth Ave., No. 2, Lewiston, housekeeping services.

SAR Holdings LLC, 613 Bryden Ave., Suite C328, Lewiston, real estate rentals.

Stone Valley Construction LLC, 1926 Sixth Ave., Clarkston, general contractor.

Wild Timber Design, 3323 Sunrise Terrace Lane, Lewiston, wood products and crafts.