Asotin County

James Heilsberg, 2786 18th St., Clark-ston, shop, $22,800.

City of Clarkston

Holy Family Catholic Parish, 917 Chestnut St., commercial plumbing, Americans with Disabil-ities Act compliant bathrooms, $12,000.

City of Lewiston

Port of Lewiston, 1626 Sixth Ave. N., interior remodel, $127,181.

City of Lewiston, unaddressed site on Community Drive, prefabricated bathroom phase 1, no value listed.

Brain Boehmer, 1047 Hemlock Drive, accessory building, $16,781.

Lewiston Center Partnership, 1916 19th Ave., temporary kitchen, $5,000.

Amanda Maynes, 918 Cedar Ave., basement remodel, $95,000.

Nick Georgeadis, 417 Linden Drive, accessory building, $17,899.

Castle Builders of Idaho, 3210 Parkridge Way, single-family residence, $210,658.

Ruvim Kuznetsov, 3329 16th St., Unit A, $22,917, half of duplex.

Ruvim Kuznetsov, 3329 16th St., Unit B, $22,917, half of duplex.

Stephen Kingsley, 2964 Mayfair Ridge, deck, $7,272.

Nez Perce County

Kile Graves, unassigned address on Orchards Avenue, Lewiston, single-family residence, $416,526.

Jennifer and Joseph Kaufman, 30305 Kaufman Lane, Lewiston, accessory building, $71,408.

Levi and Dena Berquist, 1556 Richardson Ave., Lewiston, accessory agricultural building, no value listed.