Asotin County

Dustin Forsmann, 1115 Kestrel Drive, Clarkston, outbuilding, $45,000.

Jerry May, 100 Roup Road, Asotin, outbuilding, $51,008.

Richard Goodwin, 2255 Schaefer Drive, Clarkston, outbuilding, $16,416.

Ryan James, 2244 Fifth Ave., Clarkston, residential remodel, $10,000.

Theodore Aarstad, 2712 18th St., Clarkston, residential remodel, $41,316.

Johnathan and Wendy Price, 1705 Osborn Drive, Clarkston, single-family residence, $307,204.

City of Asotin

Lynette Hendrickson, 1120 Third St., new deck, $7,000.

City of Clarkston

Darryl and Carolly McGlothen, 915 Third St., remodel detached family room, install bathroom, $11,845.

City of Lewiston

Jeff and Marilyn Appleford, 3955 Ridgewater Drive, single-family residence, $243,686.

Greg Shenk, 3545 Country Club Drive, carport/deck, $4,121.

Knox Concrete, 1101 Snake River Ave., retaining wall, $30,000.

Quality Design Homes, 1553 Discovery Drive, residential foundation, no value listed.