Asotin County

Susan Swafford, 802 Vineland Drive, Clarkston, shop, $20,416.

James Carlin, 2511 Westridge Court, Clarkston, single-family residence, $250,873.

Gary Broemeling, 3155 21st St., Clarkston, pool, $20,000.

Elizabeth and Patrick Siler, 845 Edgehill Road, Anatone, deck, $4,200.

City of Asotin

Scott and Diane Petrie, 314 Cleveland St., living space and garage, $150,000.

Ed and Elaine Nagle, 1005 Second St., new decking and cover, $25,000.

City of Clarkston

Heuett Properties, 233 13th St., two commercial buildings and parking cover, $1,121,000.

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 1115 13th St., new sign, $2,491.

Destiny Mari Hanson, 1256 Libby St., kitchen and bathroom remodel, $30,000.

City of Lewiston

Washington Trust Bank, 1518 21st St., major commercial, $850,000.

Kevin and Jennifer Hepburn, 2610 Eighth Ave., accessory building, $15,000.

Timothy Curtis, 3715 16th St., roofing, $6,200.

Jenifer Junior High School, 1213 16th St., remodel offices, $38,000.

Verizon Wireless, 1907 19th Ave., cell tower modification, $20,000.

Dustin Bonner, 1505 Powers Ave., accessory building, $10,841.

Deborah Lynn Roberts, 1318 10th Ave., foundation, $71,000.

Coffee Club LLC, 3110 10th St., windows, $4,200.

Bernadette Stewart, 907 Stewart Ave., windows, $3,164.

Quality Design Homes, 1541 Compass Court, single-family residence, $233,150.

Debbie Steele, 1414 Alder Ave., manufactured home on foundation, $75,000.

David and JoAnn Nylander, 1115 Ripon Ave., carport/deck, $4,615.

Chaz Bolon, 1122 Hemlock Ave., accessory building, $21,079.

Mark and Rachel Lohman, 1717 Birch Ave., accessory building, $36,136.

Mary Bauman-McHargue, 527 Seventh Ave., addition, $38,330.

Larry Kom, 1921 Broadview Drive, remodel, $35,000.

Sharon Leach, 2114 Birch Ave., carport/deck, $4,000.

Steven Libey, 1016 Hemlock Ave., carport/deck, $2,000.

Monte and Johane Schmidt, 1937 Birch Ave., carport/deck, $5,680.

Dan and Becky Sturmer, 1410 Burrell Ave., addition, $128,397.

Larry Weeks, 1118 Ripon Ave., remodel, $18,000.

Mader Rentals, 102 New Sixth St., add bathroom, $8,000.

Garner Properties, 1625 G St., strengthen structural components and expand retail floor, $20,000.

Scott Rigney, 3526 Seventh St., accessory building, $28,909.

Rusty and Yvonne Knox, 3428 Ninth St. E, carport/deck, $5,798.

Richard Alfrey, 915 Cedar Ave., accessory building, $30,000.

Joe and Julie Rodriguez, 1018 Alder Ave., accessory building, $17,345.

Nez Perce County

Steve Capps, 22100 Old Melrose Grade, Peck, snow roof over pole building, $7,728.

Nate and Christina Metcalf, 7913 Cabernet Court, Lewiston, single-family residence, $287,394.

Bary Wemhoff, 7545 Paddock Lane, Lewiston, accessory building, $85,069.

Randall Falk, 7574 Summerfield Drive, Lewiston, accessory building, $53,556.

Richard Vigue, 1979 Sage Grouse Lane, Lewiston, shop, $30,000.

Craig and Lynette Trees, 117 Tammany Creek Road, Lewiston, accessory building with living quarters, $172,954.

Bruce Amos, Lot 15 of Yellow Pine Avenue, Winchester, single-family residence, $122,863.

Terry Colegrove, unspecified address on Old Spiral Highway, Lewiston, communication tower, $90,000.

Richard and Sarah Schaefer, 7949 Cabernet Court, Lewiston, single-family residence, $391,430.

Thelma Loo, 26813 Rocky Top Lane, Lapwai, accessory building, $42,844.

Rex and Paloma Wicks, 1545 Stable Court, Lewiston, accessory building, $107,112.

Jacob and Nicole Kidder, 2405 Grelle Ave., Lewiston, single-family residence, $215,962.

Todd Brown, 18919 Double T Lane, Lenore, accessory building, $34,944.

Sutton Salvage, 29061 Old Spiral Highway, Lewiston, accessory building, $28,344.

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