Asotin County

Te Amo Rapido LLC, 2418 Legacy Court, Clarkston, single-family residence, $189,870.

Theresa Parks, 1460 Sycamore St., Clarkston, residential remodel, $8,000.

Douglas Meyer, 1231 15th St., Clarkston, residential remodel, $9,372.

City of Clarkston

Patt’s Garden Center, 1280 Port Drive, pole building addition, $90,000.

Tri-State Memorial Hospital, 1271 High-land Ave., commercial mechanical, $7,900.

Duane A. Denny, 1402 Bridge St., deck with stairs, $2,500.

Willola Properties LLC, 1244 Poplar St., reinforcing the north and west foundation walls, $3,500.

Daron Hough and Lisa Lynch, 509 Diagonal St., steel door with lights, $8,000.

Sara Heywood and Frederick and Dorothy Heywood, 611 12th St., repair fire damage, $100,000.

ABS LLC, 400 Bridge St., replace automatic sliding glass doors, $31,241.

Don and Elizabeth Greggain, 1346 Sev-enth St., pole build-ing, $36,000.

Mirion R. McRoberts, 728 Sixth St., sign attached to existing awning, $23,000.

City of Lewiston

Quality Design Homes, 1561 Frontier Drive, residential foundation only, no value listed.

P Kay Metals, 154 South-port Ave., assembly building, $239,250.

Eric Wagner, 3719 10th St. E, accessory building, $26,676.

Brian Goodwin, 3758 Duthie Blvd., accessory building, $13,338.

Lonnie Miller, 3513 17th St., bathroom, $2,000.

Arthur and Melissa Holmes, 1324 Seventh Ave., windows, $3,853.

Jake Smith, 909 Cedar Ave., accessory building, $26,676.

Tyler Boiland, 1532 24th Ave., single-family residence, $317,917.

Charles Brownfield, 1550 Discovery Drive, patio cover, $2,000.