Tribune Gifts

By the end of the annual gift drive for residents of area nursing homes and care centers, most areas of the Lewiston Tribune are filled with gifts, as they were in December 2011. Tribune staffers gather the donated gifts in preparation for the Wilks and Smith families to pick the gifts up at the end of the week.

Tribune readers can help fulfill the wishes of 212 residents of area nursing homes and adult family homes this holiday season.

Helen Wilks and Ellen Smith, sisters who live in Lewiston, and their families, in cooperation with the Lewiston Tribune, sponsor an annual drive to obtain Christmas gifts for residents in need. They ask Tribune readers to adopt one or more of these residents for the holidays. This is the 33rd year they have worked together on this project.

Anyone wishing to give a gift may select a name and gift from the numbered list below and bring it to the Lewiston Tribune Classified Advertising Department between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. weekdays. The gifts must be new and must be received at the Tribune by 5 p.m. Dec. 18.

The Tribune office is at 505 Capital St. in downtown Lewiston.

Each gift should be wrapped and tagged with the name of the recipient, the recipient’s number and the item enclosed. A separate tag should include the recipient’s name, number and the donor’s name. Wilks estimates everyone on this wish list receives at least five gifts.

The Wilks and Smith families will pick up the gifts from the Tribune and distribute them to the recipients before Christmas.


1. Bonnie — stylus for use with a tablet computer

2. Wanda — nail polish (mauve, burgundy)

3. Bill — magnifying glass

4. Hap — white pocket

T-shirts (XL)

5. Alice — winter scarf and mittens

6. Clyde — shampoo, body wash, Old Spice aftershave, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, lotion

7. Ben — chocolates, white T-shirts (L), shampoo, body wash, deodorant, Efferdent, Fixodent

8. Hank — shampoo, Axe body wash and body spray, 2016 calendar, lotion, men’s nail kit

9. Frank — shampoo, Axe personal hygiene products, men’s nail kit, lotion, Efferdent, Fixodent

10. Bert — sweatpants (XL), sweatshirts (XL), bath and hair-care products, Old Spice

11. Boyd — CDs of music from the 1950s and ’60s, bath and hair-care products, Axe products, lotion

12. Frankie — sugar-free candies, lotion, socks, bath and hair-care products, 100-piece jigsaw puzzles

13. Brian — western movies on DVD, Axe body wash and body spray, lotion, men’s nail kit

14. Ryan — soft candy, toothbrush, toothpaste, 2016 calendar, deodorant, lotion

15. Pete — bath and hair-care products, eyeglass cleaner, chocolates, Efferdent

16. Red — PG-rated DVD movies, lotion, bath and hair-care products, Efferdent, Fixodent

17. Fred — comedy movies on DVD, bath and hair-care products, lotion, hard candies, shaving razors, lotion

18. Marc — socks, sweatpants (2X), T-shirts (3X), jeans (46X30), bath and hair-care products

19. Dane — dark-colored T-shirts (2X-tall), sweatpants (L), bath and hair-care products

20. Conrad — butterscotch candies, bath and hair-care products, lotion,

T-shirts (3X)

21. Mike — Western movies on DVD, bath and hair-care products, 100-piece jigsaw puzzles

22. Gary — PG-rated movies, butterscotch candy, country music CDs from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s

23. Lloyd — denture brush, Efferdent, Fixodent, denture cup, shaving razor, lotion

24. George — bath and hair-care products, Old Spice aftershave, socks, shaving razor, lotion

25. Betsy — hair picks, hair spray, nail polish, cotton balls, bath and hair-care products

26. Ruthie — bath and hair-care products, body spray, nail files, shaving razors, life-size dolls

27. Bonnie — comedy movies on DVD, bath and hair-care products, nail-care products, Efferdent, Fixodent

28. Bella — chocolates, bath and hair-care products, denture cup, Efferdent, Fixodent, shaving razors

29. Rose — butterscotch candies, bath and hair-care products, nail polish, nail files, lotion, body spray

30. Fannie — chocolates, body spray, white crew socks, lotion, deodorant, bath and hair-care products

31. Beth — body wash, lotion, hair picks, hair spray, life-size dolls, nail kit, body spray, deodorant

32. Goldie — orange sticks for nail care, bath and hair-care products, romantic movies on DVD, shaving razors

33. Marcy — 1970s and ’80s country music on CD, personal hygiene products, coloring books, crayons

34. Tami — personal hygiene products, pretty socks, bath and hair-care products, butterscotch candy, nail polish

35. Bea — bath and hair-care products, life-size dolls, hair picks, deodorant, body spray, lotions

36. Charlene — chocolates, soft candy, lotion, warm socks, bath and hair-care products

37. Carla — denture brush, denture cup, Efferdent, Fixodent, body spray, lotions

38. Flo — nail polish, orange sticks for nail care, bath and hair-care products, lotions, Efferdent, Fixodent

39. Lola — chocolates, 2016 calendar, large-piece jigsaw puzzles, slippers (XL), bath and hair-care products

40. Sadie — bath and hair-care products, life-size dolls, lotion, hair picks, nail polish

41. April — coconut candy, lotion, nail polish, nail files, pretty socks, bath and hair-care products

42. Irene — hard candies, sweatshirts (M), bath and hair-care products, life-size dolls, lotions, deodorant

43. Glenda — lotion, York Peppermint Pattie candy, sweatshirts (XL), 2016 calendar, bath and hair-care products

44. Susie — body spray, nail polish, bath and hair-care products nail files, Efferdent, Fixodent

45. Eva — pants (M), shirts (M), white crew socks, lotion, bath and hair-care products

46. Dottie — hairspray, nail polish, bath and hair-care products, body spray

47. Jenny — Fixodent, Efferdent, bath and hair-care products, lap blanket

48. Mabel — lotion, bath and hair-care products, hair picks, nail polish (pastel pink), life-size dolls

49. Patty — bath and hair-care products, York Peppermint Pattie candy, 2016 calendar, body spray

50. Abby — complete nail kit, bath and hair-care products, nail polish (pink), body spray

51. Audrey — socks, lotion, cotton balls, 1970s and ’80s country music CDs, deodorant

52. Molly — bath and hair-care products, body spray, hair spray, nail polish, Efferdent, Fixodent

53. Edith — bath and hair-care products, body spray, lotion, complete nail kit, Efferdent, Fixodent

54. Ivy — bath and hair-care products, denture supplies, life-size dolls, lotion, slipper socks (L)

55. Sara — pajamas (M), bath and hair-care products, lotion, complete nail kit, warm socks

56. Carol — pajamas (2X), bath and hair-care products, slipper socks, nail polish (pink)

57. Emma — pajamas (L), bath and hair-care products, life-size dolls, nail kit, slipper socks

58. Ali — hard candies, lotion, 2016 calendar, lap blanket, bath and hair-care products

59. Jill — bath and hair-care products, slippers (L, narrow), denture supplies, body spray

60. Marty — bath and hair-care products, body spray (floral scent), hair picks, PG-rated movies

61. Bernie — slipper socks (L), bath and hair-care products, life-size dolls, lotion, shaving razors, deodorant

62. Dora — bath and hair-care products, candies, chocolate, slipper socks, lotion, body spray

63. Hannah — body spray, pretty socks, bath and hair-care products, Efferdent, Fixodent

64. Valerie — pajamas (M), slippers (L), bath and hair-care products, body spray

65. S.G. (F) — baby powder, large-piece jigsaw puzzles, Kleenex, deodorant

66. S.M. (F) — slipper socks, baby powder, baby lotion, Kleenex, candy

67. H.H. (F) — slippers (M), sweater (M), hard candy

68. L.E. (F) — makeup, Kleenex, slippers (M)

69. B.P. (F) — lotion, hard Christmas candy hard tack candy, sugar-free hard candy, lip balm, deck of playing cards

70. A.A. (F) — lotion, sugar-free candy, popcorn

71. M.H. (F) — hard candy, popcorn, Kleenex

72. J.C. (M) — slipper socks (L), sugar-free candy, mixed nuts

73. A.C. (F) — slipper socks (M), sugar-free candy, popcorn, Kleenex

74. R.H. (F) — scented lotion, fuzzy socks, soft, fuzzy blanket

75. G.B. (F) — sugar-free candy, decaffeinated instant coffee, Coffee-Mate single coffee creamers

76. E.G. (M) — T-shirts (3X), slippers (9), men’s fragrance, sugar-free hot cocoa, Kleenex, pajamas (3X)

77. D.T. (M) — socks, stocking cap, T-shirts (L), gloves (L)

78. C.G. (F) — diet soda, sugar-free candy, socks, bra (50DD), shirts (26-28), lotions

79. Q.G. (F) — hot cocoa, socks, underwear (8), sports bras (M), candy

80. E.G. (F) — candy, chocolates, Kleenex, pajamas (XL)

81. J.D. (F) — hats, costume jewelry, sugar-free candy, popcorn

82. T.J. (F) — sugar-free candy, diet soda, sports bras (XL), shirts (XL)

83. C.R. (M) — cotton longjohns (L), pajamas (L), flannel shirts (L)

84. R.R. (M) — popcorn, candy, stocking cap, Kleenex

85. D.S. (M) — Old Spice  deodorant, microwave popcorn, leather gloves (L), candy

86. J.H. (M) — Old Spice deodorant, microwave popcorn, diet cola, gloves (L)

87. M.H. (M) — men’s body spray, candy, cookies, caffeine-free diet cola

88. Ann A. — women’s fleece pant suits (S), white socks, body lotion

89. Sheri S. — 2016 Elvis Presley calendar, fleece pant suit (M), hair clips, hair bands, Elvis Presley movies

90. Betty M. — women’s shirts (3X), wireless TV headphones, large-print word search puzzle books

91. Mae G. — women’s sweat suit (XL), soft chocolate chip cookies, wireless TV headphones, cat or dog fleece blanket, word search puzzle books

92. Lila R. — colored pencils with sharpener, Precious Moments coloring books, large-print word search puzzle books, writing tablets, book of postage stamps, white MediPed socks

93. Joy A. — body lotion, large soft stuffed cat, white socks (6-8), soft fleece blanket

94. Laura L. — women’s pullover shirts (3X), women’s sweatpants (3X petite), hair bands

95. Cora A. — large 2016 calendar of cats, large soft stuffed cat

96. Hilda R. — body powder, body lotion, old country-western music CDs, soft fleece blanket

97. Bev M. — women’s tops (6X), Diet Coke, women’s pants (6X), women’s nightgown (6X)

98. Betty W. — pants (2X), tops (2X), writing tablets, large box of crayons, Disney coloring books

99. Kay R. — large craft beads, bathrobe (M), coloring books, crayons, large beaded necklace, large soft stuffed dog.

100. Mary B. — hair clips, hair bands, nail polish (peach), blush (medium red), mascara (brown), Seattle

Seahawks sweatshirt (L)

101. Judy E. — women’s sweatshirts (XL), women’s sweatpants (XL), fleece pajamas (XL), knit  stocking hat, gloves

102. Shelly J. — women’s sweat pants (3X), MediPed socks (L), package of black ink pens

103. Ann E. — large soft stuffed cat, white socks, women’s sweatshirts (S)

104. Jean M. — Ponds face cream, black sweatpants (XL), 2016 calendar of flowers

105. Beth R. — 2016 calendar, white socks (7-8), shampoo and conditioner, knit stocking hat, knit gloves

106. Allan A. — sweatpants (2X), colored T-shirts (XL), gift card for KFC

107. David L. — men’s sweatpants (3X), men’s colored T-shirts (3X), 2016 calendar of old cars, case of Dr. Pepper

108. Forrest B. — men’s colored T-shirts (XL), men’s sweatpants (L), red suspenders, wireless TV headphones

109. Mike R. — men’s sweatshirts (3X), men’s sweatpants (2X), English Leather aftershave

110. Walt A. — sweatshirts (XL), colored T-shirts (XL), large-print playing cards

111. Richard W. — men’s white T-shirts (4X), box of chocolate-covered cherries, can of mixed nuts, men’s sweatpants (4X)

112. Gene L. — 2016 calendar of 1950s cars/trucks, soft chocolates, men’s white T-shirts (M), Old Spice aftershave

113. Ron L. — men’s colored T-shirts (2X), men’s long-sleeved flannel shirts (2X), box of soft chocolates, 2016 calendar of 1950s and ’60s cars and trucks

114. Sam P. — men’s white T-shirts (4X), men’s white socks (11), men’s colored T-shirts (4X), men’s flannel lounge pants (5X)

115. Darwin M. — men’s white T-shirts (M), long-sleeved flannel shirts (M)

116. Ken K. — men’s open heel slippers (11-12), men’s flannel long-sleeved shirt (L-tall), colored T-shirts (L)

117. Andy D. — wireless TV headphones, colored T-shirts (M), sweatpants (L), case of Pepsi

118. Les D. — men’s colored T-shirts (2X), men’s flannel long-sleeved shirts (2X), Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies

119. Angela — socks, Slim Jims, instant coffee, crew socks, black gloves (L), jeans (38X32)

120. Bonnie — chocolate, Pepsi, gospel or country CDs, CD player, nylon socks, sweatpants (L), sweatshirts (L)

121. C.S. — perfume, men’s sweatshirt (2X), women’s briefs (8), chocolate, microwave popcorn, yarn

122. Darlene — 2016 calendar, sugar-free candy, Gatorade, shirt (L), Kleenex, word search puzzles, stationary, postage stamps, camera, yarn

123. Dawn — bubble bath, flannel pajamas (L), velvet poster, paint-by-numbers kit, chocolates, nail polish, beads, yarn, scarf

124. Diana — fruitcake, stretch pants (XL), ankle socks, shoes (8R), yarn, sweatshirt (2X)

125. Ernie — men’s long-sleeved shirts (XL), long wool socks, yarn, microwave popcorn, blank CDs

126. I.F. — musk perfume, jeans (18), earrings, hair ties, barrettes, hooded sweatshirt (L)

127. Kay — longjohns (M), warm nightgowns (M), deodorant, knit gloves, makeup, tennis shoes (6½), yarn

128. Lori — perfume, microwave popcorn, sweatshirts (2X), ankle socks, canvas shoes (9½), yarn

129. Marlene — chocolate, sweatshirt (2X), elastic-waist jeans (20), sports bra (XL), tube socks

130. M.H. — down comforter (twin size), Diet Pepsi, denim skirt (14), winter boots (8½), flashlight, lavender body spray

131. Pat M. — women’s flannel pajamas (XL-tall), wool socks, Kleenex, microwave popcorn, stationary, women’s jeans (18-tall), yarn

132. Patricia J. — Coke, slippers (7), tube socks, yarn, T-shirts (M)

133. Patricia K. — warm gloves, full-length panty hose, liquid bath soap, chocolate-covered cherries, sweatshirts (M), tennis shoes (9), yarn

134. Patty — slippers (8½), coffee creamer, instant coffee, makeup, jewelry, sweatshirt (2X), hair spray, earrings

135. Rachel — body wash, hooded sweatshirt (3X), chocolate, Gatorade, warm gloves

136. Sherry — shirts (3X), pants (11), sweatshirt (3X), ankle socks, yarn

137. Theresa — crew socks, gray sweatpants (L), nice gloves, playing cards, yarn, crayons, colored pencils, sketch pad

138. Trudy — chocolate, crew socks, tennis shoes (8), sweatshirts (2X)

139. Andy — shirt (2X), crew socks, jeans (36X32), tennis shoes (10), instant coffee, chocolate

140. Arvid — instant coffee, 2016 calendar, alarm clock radio, Irish Spring soap, gloves, black tube socks

141. Brandon — jeans (38X32), ankle socks (13), hairspray, shirts (2X), size tennis shoes (13½)

142. Cameron — jeans (36X32), ankle socks (12), Twizzlers, gray zippered hooded sweatshirt (2X), hair gel

143. Chuck — sneakers (10), beef jerky, instant coffee, thermal black gloves

144. Chris — beef jerky, instant cocoa, word search puzzle books, tube socks, winter gloves, jeans (42X32), long underwear (2X)

145. Colt — MP3 player, baseball hat, soda, jeans (38X30), ankle socks, watch

146. Daniel — warm coat (XL), deodorant, snack crackers, boxer briefs (X), crew socks, shirts (M)

147. David — instant cocoa, shirt (XL), shoes (10½), tube socks

148. D.K. — Dr. Pepper, stocking cap, Velcro-closure shoes (11), western shirts with snaps (M)

149. Donald — cinnamon bears candy, wool socks, sweatpants (L), sweatshirts (XL), extra-fine paint brushes, clothing paint

150. Doug — instant cocoa, Ban roll-on deodorant, shirts (2X), tennis shoes, (12), crew socks, macaroon cookies

151. E.E. — blue jeans (38X36), instant coffee, caramels, warm shirts (L), crew socks

152. Eric — tennis shoes (13), turtleneck shirt (2X), stocking cap, sweatshirt (2X), microwave popcorn, pens, writing tablets

153. Gerald — dried apricots, Coke, jeans (34X30), flannel shirts (L), tennis shoes (10½), long underwear (34-36)

154. Jeremy — khaki cargo pants (34X30), shirts (2X), shaving razors, wool socks, instant coffee, longjohns (34).

155. James — sweatpants (L), T-shirts (L), briefs (L), crew socks, mini-candy bars, jeans (36X30)

156. Jeff — sweatpants (XL), long-sleeved sweatshirt (XL), shoes (8W), chocolate, microwave popcorn

157. Jerry — jeans (40X36), shirts (XL), tube socks, after shave

158. J.B. — sketch pad and pencils, meat and cheese sticks, dark roast coffee, jeans (38X32), white crew socks, sweatshirt (2X)

159. Jonathan — sweatshirt (2X), crew socks, potato chips, tennis shoes (10)

160. Ken R. — Hanes underwear (L), Pepsi, jeans (32X32), Hanes tube socks

161. Kenny R. — jeans (36X34), shirts (L), tube socks, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Diet Dr. Pepper

162. Kent — 2016 calendar, deodorant, handkerchiefs, nuts, cookies, hand lotion, tan dress pants (36X30), belt (42), briefs (34X36), crew socks

163. Kevin — polo shirt (5X), sugar-free candy, cologne, diabetic socks (12), shaving cream, microwave popcorn, boxers (3X)

164. Khai — jeans (38X30), shirts (2X), boxer briefs (L), ankle socks, hooded sweatshirt (2X), watch, microwave popcorn

165. Larry — shirts (3X-tall), jeans (42X32), crew socks, hiking boots (10), San Francisco 49ers hooded sweatshirt

166. Mat G. — Axe shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body spray, jeans (34X32), no-show ankle socks

167. Mat S. — jeans (34x32), ankle socks, beef jerky, green polo shirt (L), Capri Sun drinks

168. Mike — navy sweatpants (L), sweatshirt (L), instant coffee, postage stamps, scotch tape, envelopes, ankle socks, Kirkland white

T-shirts (XL)

169. Murray — sweatpants (XL), sweatshirt (L), tube socks, crackers, microwave popcorn, Speed Stick deodorant

170. Nick — jeans (36X32), polo shirt (XL), gel deodorant, boxers (L), cheese popcorn

171. Nirmal — jeans (38X32), T-shirts (2X), sweatshirt (2X), crew socks, hot sauce, Pepsi

172. Norman — jeans (33X36), shirts (L), wool socks, chocolate, longjohns (L)

173. Randy — jeans (32x30), T-shirt (M), crew socks, trout fishing gear, hot sauce, yarn, flannel shirts (M), fishing bait box

174. Rick — boxers (2X), crew socks, instant cocoa, shirts (2X), Old Spice deodorant fresh scent, chocolate, jeans (44X30)

175. Ricky — jeans (34X34), ankle socks, shirt (L), cologne, deodorant, long underwear (L), root beer

176. Robert — chocolate-covered cherries, shirt (M), briefs (M), instant cocoa mix, yarn

177. Roy — T-shirts (XL), shoes (8½), ankle socks, flannel pajamas (XL), instant herbal tea

178. Ted — Sharpie pens (various colors), legal-size paper for drawing, instant coffee, shirts (3X-tall), crew socks, jeans (40X32)

179. William L. — jeans (38X32), shirts (2X), briefs (L), tube socks, chocolate bar, belt (38), shoes (11)

180. William W. — jeans (36X30), hiking boots (9½), briefs (L), scarf, crew socks, instant coffee, yarn

181. Wayne — jeans (30X31), shirt (L), walking shoes (10), Wheat Thins crackers, Irish Spring bar soap, shampoo

182. Nina R. — pants (XL), tops (XL), sweatsuit  (XL), flannel blanket

183. Alice M. — pants (L), tops (L), socks, soft blanket

184. Harrtett H. — shirts (L), pants (L), lotions

185. Bernice M. — tops (M), pants (M), sweatsuits (M), socks, soft blanket

186. Charlie R. — sweatpants (L), shirts (L), socks, soft blanket

187. Dawni M. — lotions, People magazine, soft blanket

188. Marvin G. —

T-shirts (L), sweatpants (M), flannel jacket with pockets (L), socks, Twix candy,

KitKat candy

189. Bessie C. — hair accessories, Diet Pepsi, lotions

190. Bertie H. — fuzzy socks, lotion, bathrobe (M)

191. Frances R. — women’s sweatsuit (L), lotion, socks

192. Bradley M. — mens sweatsuit (L), socks, soft blanket

193. Ted R. — socks,

T-shirts (L), sweatpants (M)

194. Robbie F. — women’s pants (4X), tops (4X), Diet Pepsi, lotion

195. Fred R. — men’s  T-shirts (6X), men’s sports shorts (6X), lotion, Smart Health popcorn

196. Edith V. — lotion, women’s pajamas (L), soft blanket

197. Betty H. — dresses that open in the back (M), tops (M), lotion, hair accessories, root beer

198. Lynn G. — lotion, house dresses that open in the back (L), soft blanket, fuzzy socks

199. Terry R. — shirt (4X), pants (4X), men’s lotion

200. Don H. — men’s shirts (4X), pants (4X), soft blanket

201. Eleanor M. — women’s cotton undershirts (M), socks, soft blanket

202. Gary S. — T-shirts (L), sweatpants (M), socks

203. Lyle S. — shirts (L), pants (L), socks

204. John K. — men’s sweatsuit (XL), socks, bathrobe (XL)

205. Gilbert W. — T-shirts (L), socks, sweatpants (L)

206. Dick G. — T-shirts (L), sweatpants (M), soft blanket, socks

207. Andy H. — men’s sweatsuit (L), socks, soft blanket

208. Rick W. — T-shirts (XL), sweatpants (XL), gum, diet candy

209. Elroy H. — men’s sweatpants (2X), shirts (2X), soft blanket

210. Michale U. —  men’s T-shirts (M), DVD comedies, men’s sweatpants (M), letter-writing stationery, soft blanket

211. Mildred H. — skid-free fuzzy socks, soft blanket, lotion

212. Audrey P. — hair accessories, lotion, soft blanket

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