How's this for a long, action filled day?

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer Brendan Vance was in the middle of a shift late Thursday afternoon when he learned of a fire on the department's land at the mouth of the Grande Ronde River.

He drove upriver, investigated and with the help of Asotin County deputies and area landowners found the fire was started by someone shooting at an exploding target. The alleged fire-starter apparently fled the scene in such haste that he/she left behind an AK-47.

Vance returned to Clarkston at about 9:30 p.m.  to learn a Moose was running around town. It was eventually corralled under bleachers at the Clarkston High School football field and darted with a tranquilizer. Vance hauled the moose to the upper reaches of Asotin Creek in the wee hours of the morning and released it.

On his way back to town, he caught  two young men allegedly breaking into a shop along Asotin Creek Road and confiscated antlers and other allegedly stolen items valued at about $3,500 from their vehicle

"It was a busy day," he said. "It started yesterday morning at 10 a.m. and I just pulled into my driveway (10:30 a.m. this morning) a 25-hour day."

It's not over yet. Vance said he now has a pile of evidence and to catalog and dreaded paperwork to fill out.