The 2016 session seemed like it was crawling the first few weeks, but after six weeks it's actually running well ahead of average.

Through Friday, a total of 707 pieces of legislation have been prepared this seesion, and 382 have actually been introduced. By comparison, the five year average is 634 bills prepared and 324 introduced.

Similarly, a total of 76 bills have passed at least one house, with 28 bills passing both bodies. The five year average is 61 and 14, respectively.

At the beginning of the session, Republican leaders half-seriously suggested they wanted to adjourn by St. Patrick's Day this year, or March 17, but that's probably a bit aggressive. The joint budget committee just started setting 2017 agency budgets this morning, and isn't scheduled to finish until March 10.

It usually takes legislative staff at least two weeks to convert budgets into individual bills that can be voted on. That suggests a March 24 adjournment at the earliest.




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